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Description: I know you’re scared to make the wrong decision, to dive off into the intangible world of the unknown. I understand that asking for help or hiring a coach can feel scary or a little bit weird. I get that, believe me. But that’s all part of it. And consider me the life coach for people who are reeeeeal skeptical of life coaches. The fitness coach for people who are reeeeeal tired of fitness stuff. Bottom line is this: The answers, the choices, the possibilities, the courageous actions, and the permission to take them – they’re all within you. And I’m here to support you in your self-discovery, your expert guide on your journey to knowing yourself, being yourself, trusting yourself, and feeling oh-so-dang confident in yourself. UNCOVER, UNLEARN, UNLEASH 3-month customized flow This is the self-discovery partnership that walks you through the proven process. I’ll help you pinpoint your challenges, process with support, and always be available for accountability. I’ll give you tools and strategies, but I’ll also give you enough freedom to explore them on your own terms. You won’t find formulas here. 1-3 self-discovery worksheets per week 1 check-in email per week 1 coaching call per month