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Review Type Definitions

A product is tangible—something you can touch and feel—like an electronic device, automobile, or towel.

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A service is intangible—often involving paid work done by someone for an individual—like grocery delivery, dog walking, financial advice, or a massage.

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Corporate Social Responsibility includes philanthropic efforts, environmental conservation, company diversity & labor practices, and supporting volunteer efforts. Additionally, feel free to comment on how a company speaks to or about its women customers.

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Help a company understand why you’re using and recommending its product or service a lot, only a little, or not at all. Reasons can range from something you read, how you were treated by a sales rep, how they resolved a problem for you, or your online experience.

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To submit a workplace review, you must be a current employee of a company that offers one or more consumer products and/or services. You’re welcome to submit a review every 6 months, as long as you remain employed by the same company. Your review(s) will be kept anonymous.

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