Women’s money builds communities, fuels families, lifts those who need support, and full-on drives the economy.

Worldwide, women are a $20 trillion consumer market annually. And we control more than $10 trillion of total U.S. household financial assets today, a number that’s expected to triple by 2030.

When we’re paid for our work, we invest up to 90% of our income back into our families and communities, vs. 35% for men. And, work we do. In 2020, more than half the workforce in the U.S. was women, not including the millions not recognized or compensated for taking on the majority of unpaid caretaking and household chores.

Yet, women are hit the hardest during challenging times (COVID, for example), and most experts agree it will be more than 100 years before we achieve equal pay.

But change is in the making, and ElleRate is here to help expedite it.

With the transfer of wealth to women well underway, women will increasingly make financial decisions impacting our society for the long haul. In response, businesses will need to identify ways to address the measures that matter to us most: gender and racial inequity, climate change, and social injustice. And they will be rewarded for doing so; research shows that businesses which prepare for this shift in economic power may see up to 4x faster revenue growth.

Nonprofit organizations, too, have a growing opportunity to dig deeper into why women give and adjust their efforts to build larger communities of women supporters accordingly.



ElleRate gives women a platform for giving and receiving our best recommendations to one another, through a shared woman’s lens. And through our reviews, we’ll paint a picture of the world we’re willing to invest in.

We’re excited for you to join forces with us and our business and nonprofit champions in co-creating this world, to the benefit of all.