Welcome to ElleRate, a search and review site for women*, designed to elevate the voices and choices behind the vastly powerful and growing women’s economy (“sheconomy”).

The great majority of consumer spending and charitable giving lies squarely in the hands—and purses—of women, as women drive 70-85% of all consumer spending—a number expected to grow by 40% in the next 5 years—and 64% of all charitable donations.

ElleRate provides these powerful “Chief Purchasing Officers" with a dynamic, centralized place to quickly and enjoyably discover, review, and share the products, services, workplaces, and policies which yield the greatest return on our investments by best delivering on our wants, needs, and values.

* and women-identifying

do we approve?

The tiered ElleRate scoring system (“ElleRating”) gives women at-a-glance insight into measures that matter.

Which do you care most about?

Women Reviewers’ ratings on companies’ products/services, customer experiences, and social responsibility practices.

Women employees’ ratings of their companies’ internal policies and procedures in support of women customers and employees.

Companies’ self-scored report card on its policies and procedures pertaining to their women employees and customers.

WEOs’ appreciation for corporate partners that have meaningfully helped to advance their missions.

“Women are at the core of the solutions, and the solutions benefit not just women but children and men and indeed whole societies. There is no time to wait for others to fill the gap. We vote for the world we want every single day with our wallets. ” - Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

a win-win-win

In a spirit of collaboration, ElleRate enables the elevation of all members of our community:

* Women are elevated when their voices are heard and incorporated, resulting in solutions that improve our lives.

* Businesses win as they learn and grow from moderated review feedback, and earn more prized women supporters’ buzz, buy-in, and business through free and subscription profiles that facilitate deeper loyalty.

* Nonprofit women’s empowerment organizations (“WEOs”) win as they are woven into the mainstream commerce equation, as women prefer to support organizations that do good for the world, and especially for other women.